Uses For Lemon

8 Cool Uses For Lemons

You can make more out of lemons than lemonade. In fact, lemon juice is a really useful liquid that can be used to clean your home, can treat cold symptoms, and can even be part of your beauty regimen. Here are a couple of other uses for the yellow fruit:

  • Wash your hands: When you're serving messy food like crabs or ribs, put out little bowls of lemon water for guests to wash the smell and gunk off their fingers.
  • Relieve flu symptoms: If you have a sore throat or a cough, mix lemon with honey and water for a drink that will soothe your throat.
  • Clean a chopping board: Add some lemon juice or use a lemon slice to wipe the chopping board to deodorize and sanitize it.
  • Lighten blemishes: If you have some blemishes or you notice your face darkening in pigment in some spots, put some lemon juice on it every day until it lightens.
  • Brighten white loads: To make the whites even brighter, add a quarter cup of lemon juice with the clothes that you throw into the washing machine.
  • Brighten fingernails: Soak your fingernails in a lemon water mixture to whiten and brighten them.
  • Freshen household equipment: Make your appliances fresh by adding lemon juice or lemons to them. For example, microwave slices of lemons to freshen it up. Add lemon juice to the dishwasher when it's empty and let it run a cycle and clean itself with the lemon juice. Add a bit of lemon juice to the humidifier or vacuum bag if those appliances are getting a little smelly and old.
  • Disinfect wounds: Stop bleeding and clean small cuts and scrapes with lemon juice.
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