It's True! Plane Tickets Are Cheaper Midweek

It's True! Plane Tickets Are Cheaper Midweek

Travel industry experts have repeatedly said that buying plane tickets on Tuesday is the best bet for finding a deal. We may be inclined to book flights over the weekend when we have spare time and aren't consumed with work, but the money you could save by waiting a few days is well worth not being able to check something off your weekend to-do list.

I searched for my honeymoon plane tickets on Sunday, only to find the price had risen since I'd looked a couple of weeks ago. At first I was frustrated with myself for not buying them when they cost less, but then I remembered the advice of those industry experts. The tickets had come back down when I searched again on Tuesday night, saving me about $200 per ticket! If you were planning on booking plane tickets this weekend, consider simply window-shopping the websites instead of committing to a price.

Have you noticed that plane tickets are cheaper midweek?