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$1 Ebooks For the True Blood Fanatic

$1 Ebooks For the True Blood Fanatic

The beauty of ebooks is you don't to purchase an expensive ereader to take advantage of books. You can access the Kindle app through platforms you're already using, like your computer, iPhone or iPad. I recently discovered the wonderful world of indie ebooks and self-publishers, who generally sell books for 99 cents or even for free! Some readers have mentioned that they prefer to buy a book that's been vetted by editors and publishers. I wholeheartedly agree with that, but I also believe in giving indie authors a chance and you can always try the first chapter of a book before purchasing it. When you do buy the book, you'll have the pleasure of knowing that you bought the book for just a buck or less.

If you're into all things paranormal, and love authors such as Charlaine Harris who wrote a series that inspired hit TV show True Blood, read on to find out some recommendations for $1 ebooks.


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