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Résumé Tip: Steer Clear of Too Much Repetition

When you think your résumé is the best it can be and are ready to send it to employers, stop and perform this simple task before proceeding. Give it a once over with one question in mind: Is my résumé redundant? Too often job applicants are prone to relying on the same verbs to convey their duties and accomplishments, but doing so can threaten their chances of landing an interview.

Redundancy on a résumé is boring for the person reading it and implies one of two things about the applicant — either she doesn't really want the job because she didn't take the time to polish her résumé, or she isn't resourceful enough to open a thesaurus and get some ideas to effectively include powerful verbs. Update your résumé to include varied but straightforward words and phrases to help set you apart from the repetitive pack.



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