Résumé Tip: Spell-Check Isn't Always Your Friend

Résumé Tip: Spell-Check Isn't Always Your Friend

Spell-check is pretty awesome. Without it, many of my college papers written in the wee hours would have been completely botched. The handy tool meant my professors could understand what I was actually trying to say and saved my tired eyes from having to self-edit. If the automatic check missed a couple of errors, it wasn't that big of a deal, and never meant the difference between receiving an A or a B plus.

The job search world is a completely different ball of wax, and misspelling words on a résumé could mean the difference between getting an interview or not. As CareerBuilder so eloquently states, "The difference between the word shift and a common curse word is only one letter." Do yourself a favor and recheck the spelling of every word after you've run spell-check; if you still don't get an interview, at least you'll know it wasn't because of some silly mistake.



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