Overcoming Unhealthy Money Habits

Be Wary of These 4 Unhealthy Money Attitudes

Be Wary of These  4 Unhealthy Money Attitudes

In this day and age, it's hard to have a healthy view of money when shows like The Hills and Real Housewives dominate our airwaves. After watching too much "rich people" reality TV, one can develop a warped sense of money. That's because the success of these shows support the statement that anyone can be famous just as long as they're wealthy. Several unhealthy money attitudes were addressed in a recent study by Kansas State University and Klontz Consulting, which was published in the Journal of Financial Therapy.

The authors of the study say that understanding your money belief is important as it is what drives your relationship with money. The research also says that these money scripts, or "beliefs individuals hold about money," are developed during childhood and are typically passed down from generation to generation. Be conscious of these four unhealthy views of cash to ensure that you're not passing them onto your kids. To make it more fun, I'm going to associate some of these money views with several pop icons.