Outrageous Résumé Lies As Told by Hiring Managers

When the statistic was established that half of hiring managers have caught lies on applicants' résumés, it was only a matter of time before these witnesses dished about the worst of the worst.

Some things are just too outrageous not to be shared and most of these lies fall into that category; here are ten tall tales hiring managers came across in their searches for quality candidates.

  1. Candidate claimed to be a member of the Kennedy family.
  2. Applicant invented a school that did not exist.
  3. Job seeker submitted a résumé with someone else's photo inserted into the document.
  4. Candidate claimed to be a member of Mensa.
  5. Applicant claimed to have worked for the hiring manager before, but never had.

See five more unbelievable bold lies when you read more.

  1. Job seeker claimed to be the CEO of a company when he was an hourly employee.
  2. Candidate listed military experience dating back to before he was born.
  3. Job seeker included samples of work, which were actually those of the interviewer.
  4. Applicant claimed to be Hispanic when he was 100 percent Caucasian.
  5. Candidate claimed to have been a professional baseball player.