Obama and Romney on Financial Issues

Where Obama & Romney Stand on the 19 Financial Issues Important to You

Obama and Romney on Financial Issues

With election day just a few weeks away, it's important to look at both candidates and their platforms. LearnVest takes a look at where Obama and Romney stand on financial issues.

With the third presidential debate on tap for tonight, we wanted to help you sort out the truth from the hype. No value judgments, no punditry. Just the facts, laid out for you to make your own decisions.

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That's the aim of our story today, where we tackle 19 financial and economic issues that affect your wallet, and where each presidential candidate has said he stands on them, in his own words. Each quote is also linked to the original source so you can see it in context.

Consider it your chance to get better acquainted with Barack and Mitt—and to go into tonight knowing as much as you can about the facts, especially once all the wonderful Tumblrs, tweets, Facebook posts and talking-head analysis start pouring in.

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