Healthy Couple Money Habits to Have

Love and Money: 10 Healthy Couple Habits

Healthy Couple Money Habits to Have

A few years ago I was cruising the purse department at Nordstrom and overheard a sweet-looking lady in her 70s call her husband over to pay for her goodies, while she told the salesgal, "he doesn't get any honey unless he shows me the money." I immediately burst into laughter.

Still, as silly as it sounds, maintaining a healthy attitude about finances in a long-term relationship requires a balance of humor, clear communication, and shared expectations. The right outlook on money matters at the start of a relationship and is vital for laying a firm foundation, but keeping the topic at the forefront and adjusting goals as the years pass is critical for staying solid as a rock. Here are some healthy habits that will help keep the love alive for richer and poorer.

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