Harvard Tuition

Go Co Ed Without Going Totally Broke

Harvard, often considered the Ivy-est of the Ivy Leagues, has taken steps to make education more affordable there. I'm sure that ponytail guy in Good Will Hunting would turn his nose up at a more accessible Harvard, but I think it's a really meaningful step forward for higher education.

So, how much more affordable are we talking? Tuition will be less for all students, and for many it will be reduced 30-50 percent making the cost comparable to top public universities. Other schools striving to ease the burden of middle-income students are Princeton, Tufts, Amherst, University of Pennsylvania, and Duke.

Harvard hopes the new tuition breaks will encourage more students to apply — students that may have been otherwise turned off by the cost and from all walks of economic life. Would the new breaks have influenced where you applied to college?