Emirates Airlines Airbus A380

Mile-High Luxury: What a $14,635 First-Class Ticket Will Buy

While American carriers are busy finding ways to keep their current planes in flight, Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has launched a 14-hour flight from Dubai to New York on their brand new Airbus A380. The plane uses 20 percent less fuel than other planes built to hold almost 500 passengers.

Most of the 489 seats are in coach (average tickets cost $1,477), 76 seats are business-class ($9,571), and the 14 first-class private suites ($14,635) are luxurious in every sense of the word. First-class passengers get some privacy thanks to electronic doors, can freshen up before landing by taking a five minute in-flight shower, stay refreshed with a personal mini-bar, entertain themselves with a 23-inch high-definition TV screen, and eat whenever they please with on-demand service. Get a closer look at the expensive amenities in the gallery below!

Source: Getty