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Do You Know Your TV Power Women?

In the early days of television famous females primarily played the roles of loving mother, homemaker, nurse, and second fiddle to the main man. Thankfully, everything has changed. As female queens, leaders, and politicians have become more and more dominant, and women take over the workplace, women have naturally taken over the small screen as power-suit-wearing leading ladies. Take this quiz to see if you've been paying attention to TV power women!

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Actress Lisa Edelstein plays Dr. Cuddy on House. What's Dr. Cuddy's title at the hospital?
Lead anesthesiologist and hospital administrator
Pediatric doctor and hospital administrator
Dean of medicine and hospital administrator
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Tina Fey plays awkward-but-brilliant Liz Lemon on 30 Rock. What's Liz Lemon's job?
Head producer for a sketch comedy show
Head writer for a sketch comedy show
Head director for a sketch comedy show
Head actress for a sketch comedy show
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Sophia Bush plays powerhouse Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill. What's Brooke's career?
Model and actress
High school principal
Designer and clothing line entrepreneur
Department store manager
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Amy Poehler plays dopey civil do-gooder Lesley Knope on Parks and Recreation. What's Knope's job?
Newspaper editor
Police chief
Small town mayor
Midlevel bureaucrat
Physical education teacher
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What's the very grown-up Donna Martin's career on the 90210 spinoff?
Guidance counselor
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What's Eleanor Waldorf's job on Gossip Girl?
Department store owner
Clothing designer
Shoe designer
Headband designer
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Emily Deschanel plays Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan on Bones. What's her title?
Forensic psychologist
Forensic investigator
Forensic scientist
Forensic anthropologist
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Portia de Rossi plays big boss Veronica on Better Off Ted. What's Veronica's title?
Ted's boss
Human Resources director
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What's Dr. Charlotte King's title on Private Practice?
CFO of St. Ambrose Hospital
Chief of surgery at St. Ambrose Hospital
Chief of staff at St. Ambrose Hospital
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What's Vanessa Williams' character Wilhelmina Slater's role on Ugly Betty?
Publisher of Mode
Editor of Mode
Creative director of Mode
Associate editor of Mode
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