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Make These 36 DIY Cleaning Products For Pennies

Feb 24 2014 - 4:10pm

If you're tired of reaching for cleaning products with ingredients you can't even pronounce, then head to your local grocery store for a few basic components, and make your own. These eco-friendly concoctions will leave your house sparkling. From window cleaner to grout whitener, you'll be amazed at how easy these DIYs are to pull off. And after making the initial investment for the all-natural ingredients, these cleaning supplies cost pennies per concoction to make. Click through for a collection of our favorite eco-friendly homemade cleaning products.

Bathroom Cleaning Wipes

From shining those countertops to quickly cleaning your commode, these easy DIY bathroom wipes [1] look so chic in an upcycled plastic container.

Dry Laundry Booster

Give your clothes a cleaning kick with this easy-to-make dry laundry booster [2] that's made with natural ingredients and won't bleach your clothes.

DIY Liquid Dish Soap

This homemade liquid dish soap [3] leaves dishes wonderfully clean without tons of suds. Add essential oils to personalize the liquid soap.

Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Not only are these garbage disposal refreshers [4] easy to make, but they also look adorable in a cute jar next to your sink. And they really do wonders, eliminating unwanted odors.

Dry Carpet Cleaner

If you've got wall-to-wall carpeting, then this dry carpet cleaner [5] is perfect for you. Sprinkle it on, and let it do its job. Vacuum to reveal fresh and clean rugs.

Homemade Dryer Sheets

Not only are these dryer sheets [6] eco-friendly, but they're also reusable, making them a must have for your laundry room.

Tub, Tile, and Grout Cleaner

Keep your bathroom's tub, tile, and grout fresh and clean sans harsh chemicals with this homemade cleaner [7].

DIY Stain Remover

Stains happen, which makes this DIY [8] stain remover [9] perfect for getting rid of unwanted marks.

Homemade Furniture Polish

Your wooden furniture will glow after using this homemade furniture polish [10]. And you probably already have all the ingredients you need for tossing this polish together.

Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

You will be amazed at how easy it is to make your own general cleaner [11]. And you can personalize this grease-buster with a fresh scent, like rosemary, lemon, or orange.

Homemade Floor Wipes

Not only are these floor wipes [12] easy to make, but they are also reusable, making them just about the coolest eco-friendly cleaning product ever.

Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Spray

Naturally remove residue and waxy buildup on your fresh fruits and vegetables with this eco-friendly and all-natural cleaning spray [13].

Reusable Dusting Wipes

Banish dust with these reusable dusting wipes [14] that also leave a lovely scent. Simply use the saturated sheet, toss it in the wash, and then pop it back in the container.

Window Cleaner

Let the sun shine through clean windows with the help of this homemade window cleaner [15].

Liquid Laundry Detergent

This DIY [16] liquid laundry detergent [17] will leave your clothes fresh and clean. Made with Borax and super washing soda, you can add essential oils to elevate the scent.

Carpet Cleaner

Fear spills no more with this carpet cleaner [18] that really does a number on stains. Plus, it's wonderfully easy to make and leaves rugs looking brand-new.

Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Your commode will sparkle after using this homemade toilet bowl cleaner [19]. Made with vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, this natural cleaner does all the dirty work.

Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener

Instead of tossing down for name-brand fabric softener, make your own softening solution [20] that leaves clothes wonderfully downy.

Dishwasher Bombs

Clean your not-so-fresh dishwasher with the help of these baking soda dishwasher bombs [21] that leave things shiny and smelling wonderful.

Leather Cleaner

Make your leather furniture look brand-new with eco-friendly leather cleaner [22]. And this quick clean is a must do during the hot Summer months.

Metal Pan Scrubber

We've all got a few pots and pans hiding that could use a good scrubbing, which makes this amazing metal cleaner [23] the perfect thing to have them looking like new in no time.

Handy DIY Cleaning Wipes

Transform an old coffee can into a chic holder for these cleaning wipes [24].

Toilet Bombs

They're not necessarily a "cleaner," but these eco-friendly toilet bombs [25] bust through clogged toilets, resulting in a happy bathroom.

Wood Floor Cleaner

Your wood floors will shine after cleaning them with this homemade wood floor cleaner [26]. And the addition of essential oil leaves your house smelling wonderful.

Homemade Soft Scrub

Clean your casserole pans with the help of this homemade soft scrub [27] that won't scratch while tackling baked-on food.

Attack Hard Water Stains

If you've got tile in your tub or glass shower doors that show each and every hard water stain, here's a simple Epsom salts scrub [28] that will make things sparkle.

All-in-One Laundry Bombs

Tired of schlepping detergent and fabric softener around with your laundry? Here's an easy solution that cleans and softens clothes — all-in-one laundry bombs [29]!

Travel-Size Stain Stick

Even when traveling, this homemade stain stick [30] can tackle tough marks. And this helper repurposes deodorant or lip gloss containers. Tuck in your purse or travel bag so it's handy when needed.

Dusting Spray

Keep your home dust-free with this DIY dusting spray [31] that also gently cleans your favorite furniture.

Nontoxic Bleach

Instead of reaching for harsh bleach that instantly discolors anything it touches and can be toxic if ingested, try making your own homemade blend [32] instead.

Grapefruit Salt Bathroom Scrub

Here's a bathroom cleaner [33] that's also awesome for you! Along with buffing away soap scum, this scrub can be used on your body as an exfoliant.

DIY Citrus Spray

Don't toss your orange and lemon peels! Use them for making this seriously easy citrus spray [34] that does an amazing job cleaning greasy countertops.

Borax-Free Liquid Laundry Detergent

Made with natural ingredients, this borax-free laundry detergent [35] is tough on stains but gentle on your clothes. And the detergent is great for those with sensitive skin.

Daily Shower Spray

With only three ingredients, spray your way to a clean shower every day. The dish soap helps keep your shower sparkling while the vinegar disinfects with this DIY shower spray [36].

Dish Soak Fizzies

Don't feel like doing the dishes? No problem. Make these dish soak fizzies [37] that do all the tough work for you.

Linen and Mattress Spray

Want to keep your sheets fresh? This homemade linen spray [38] will lengthen the time between washings and keeps your sheets smelling heavenly.

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