Cute Office Desk Accessories

10 Things to Do With 10 Bucks: Office Edition

Cute Office Desk Accessories

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Freshly sharpened pencils . . . Crisp, lined paper . . . Clean, new notebooks . . .

As work begins to pick up after the long summer lull, channel the back-to-school spirit with cute new organizers and decorations for your workspace.

We started our 10 Things to Do With 10 Bucks series because there’s nothing better than finding a spare Hamilton at the end of the month. After carefully budgeting all month, we’re okay with buying a little something fun as a treat and encouragement — so we bring you our favorite finds for $10.

In this installment, we’ve found the perfect items to inject a dose of personality into your office. From a live “money tree” to a seven-year pen, these finds will set you up for your best “year” yet. (We like using the start of the school year as an excuse for a second chance at finally nailing down those resolutions!)


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