Catch This Easy Résumé Fix and Get Noticed

If there's one common thread of knowledge out there regarding résumés, it's that action verbs are necessary to get the interviewer interested. However, not everyone knows how to use these verbs to enhance their résumés, and countless candidates don't use them to the best of their advantage.

Run through your résumé and look for sentences that begin with the phrase "responsible for," like "responsible for maintaining accurate financial records," and consider revising these bullet points. The verb maintain is included, but it isn't being used in an effective way. Instead, the point of your responsibilities will pack a bigger punch when you start the sentence with a verb and write "maintain(ed) accurate financial records." Don't stop there — when you add how your records maintenance was flawless or how your detail-oriented self caught several mistakes, you will have officially taken your candidacy up a notch.



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