2014 Career Horoscope

Your 2014 Career Horoscope Predictions

Your 2014 Career Horoscope Predictions

If only a crystal ball could tell us what's in store for our careers in 2014. Well, these career horoscope predictions by DailyWorth come pretty close to a crystal ball!

“What’s your sign?” may seem like a throwback pickup line from the 1970s, but astrology is still alive and well in the United States. According to recent polls, at least a quarter of all Americans believe their astrological sign may influence their future. Whether or not you’re among them, you’re probably a little curious to see what’s in the stars this year. 

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We were. So we asked some leading astrologers for their money and career predictions for the year ahead. The good news is, well, it’s (mostly) good news. Based on their analysis of the upcoming positions of the planets in our solar system that influence all 12 signs, they see exciting possibilities ahead for all of us in the year ahead. Astrologer Anne M. Nordhaus-Bike, author of “Follow the Sun: A Simple Way to Use Astrology for Living in Harmony,” calls 2014 “the Year of Action.” What does that mean for you? Keep reading to find out.

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